Melting Crayon Spring Flowers Art

Melted Crayon art is a great project for both children and adults. It is super easy and straightforward, and delivers a lot of graphic impact without much effort.

Supplies needed:


Wax crayons

Glue gun and hot glue sticks

Hair dryer

Faux Flowers


First measure and then lightly mark the canvas with pencil or crayon marks marking where you wan the crayons to be. Alternatively, you can cover one end of the canvas completely with crayons.

Using a glue gun, glue the crayons on the marked canvas. you can peel the paper wrapper off the crayons, or leave them on.

Allow crayons to dry once they are attached to the canvas to your satisfaction. Turn the canvas over, with the crayons on top. (this will be the bottom of the artwork) Set a hair dryer to high heat, low air setting and begin blow drying the crayons. Be careful to angle the blow dryer in the direction you want the crayon wax to flow. Keep blow drying crayons until you are satisfied with the look of your artwork.

Allow the crayon wax to dry completely. Turn the canvas back with the crayons on the bottom. Glue gun Faux flowers or other embellishments in an arrangement you like.

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