Stained Glass Craft Kit

A spectacular glass art project using glue and food coloring that will make your windows sparkle! Perfect for holiday decorations. Project created by


  • Glitter glue

  • Toothpicks or paint brushes

  • Food coloring (we used neon)

  • Picture frames (we used 5×7 frames)

  • Suction cup hangers (for hanging frames on your window later on – I found mine at Walmart)

So, first things first. Let’s talk about the frame. I found some white 5×7 frames at Walmart. They had three left on the shelf so I grabbed one for my son, one for my daughter and, of course, one for me. There’s no way I was missing out on the fun.

  1. You want to begin by disassembling the frame. The cardboard back to the frame doesn’t get used for the project so you can set it aside.

  2. Clean the glass with some glass cleaner and then place it inside the white frame.

  3. Grab hold of the hanging tab

  4. First decide how you’re going to hang your frame when you’re don. Vertically or horizontally? I decided I wanted to hang my horizontally, so I positioned my hanging tab onto the glass in the middle of the frame and then pushed down the little tabs that hold the glass in. It worked out that one of the little tabs fit right over the hanging tab so I was able to secure it further.If you want to be absolutely certain the glass is going nowhere (including the hanging tab), you could hot glue the glass to the frame.

  5. Once the frames are ready to go, cover your work surface.

Position your frame so the back is facing up.Squirt glue all over the glass. There is no rhyme or reason here. Add a little, add some more.Add one drop of food coloring at a time to various parts of the glass. I wouldn’t suggest putting all of the colors in one place or you’ll just end up with a black puddle on your glass. You can use a toothpick to blend the colors into each other and create some swirl or line designs. Here’s where the kids can get real creative. Once you’re happy with your design, allow the glue to dry overnight. To give it a bit of a different look, you could use a paintbrush to create softer lines and blending.

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