Fall Activities: Stamping with Nature

It's that magical time of year again, when the air turns crisp, the sky looks bluer and the leaves are turning wonderful shades of fiery red, sunshine yellow, and brilliant orange.

Fall is a wonderful time to don a sweater and venture outside. Natural goodies abound and children will enjoy collecting leaves, acorns and rocks.

What to do with the bounty the kids collect? A great idea to teach children about the various textures and shapes that characterize fall is stamping with nature.

Following are some activities and crafts that can be done with items children can collect outdoors.

Apple Stamping

Simply slice various size apples in half. Dip the apple halves in use different color paints to decorate the artwork.

Acorn Splatter Craft

Dip the acorns into paint. Roll the acorn around the sheet for a fall themed splatter craft.

Pine Branch Paintbrush

Use a pine branch instead of a paintbrush for a fall themed craft or activity.

There are no precise instructions for these activities since there is no right or wrong way to stamp with nature.

So don a fall jacket and explore nature.

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