Bring on the Fizz!! Fizzy Cloud Dough

Sensory Play includes any activity that stimulates any of your child's senses; touch, taste, smell, feel, movement hearing and sight. Sensory activities are important to help children learn exploration and naturally encourages children to create, investigate and explore. has created a recipe of fizzy sensory dough that is sure to excite. It feels like cloud dough and breaks into crumbs. This is a dual project with 2 separate activities. When children tire of playing with the cloud dough, bring on the fizz!!

Cloud Dough Recipe

1/4 C oil

1 C flour

1 C baking soda

oil based food coloring or powder food coloring

mixing bowl

large tub for playing

If you are using oil based food coloring than mix it into the oil. If you are using powder food coloring then mix it into the flour.

Mix all ingredients together. Now the cloud dough is complete. The dough will feel very soft

Once kids have enjoyed playing with the cloud dough, it is time to up the ante!

Bring on the Fizzz! Using droppers or squirt bottles, slowly add drops of vinegar to the cloud dough and watch it start fizzing!

Click on the photo above for more step by step instructions.

Please note, while the fizzy cloud dough is safe to eat, it should not be consumed in large quantities due to the large amounts of baking soda in the dough.

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