Super Duper Bubbles Recipes

When I think of summer I picture watermelon, barbecues, sidewalk chalk, popsicles and bubbles. Some of my best summer memories were of blowing bubbles in the park near where I grew up.

Blowing Bubbles is the perfect summer activity few kids can resist. While bubble solution and bubble wands can be purchased in any dollar store, we recommend creating your own bubble solution using our tried and tested special bubble formulas.

Creating the bubble solution from scratch will add excitement to the activity, and lets be honest, appeals to the child in all of us!!

Read on for a selection of the best bubble solution recipes we have personally tested.

Simple Bubble Solution

Supplies needed

1/2 C Dawn dish soap (for some reason Dawn dish soap works the best in bubble solutions)

1-1/2 C water

2 TB sugar

Mix ingredients and enjoy!

Bouncing Bubbles

Adapted from a recipe by Steve Spangler Science.

Supplies Needed

Knit gloves or old socks to be used as gloves

1 TB Dawn Dish Soap

1 C water

1 tsp Glycerin ( can be found in whole foods, pharmacies or purchased online)

Mix all ingredients together and let sit for 24 hours. this last step is essential and should not be skipped.

Blow bubbles and use the glove or sock to catch them and bounce!

Pipe Cleaner Bubble Wands

Fold one end of pipe cleaner into desired shape and size.

Wands can be embellished with beads or straws.

You can also twist different color pipe cleaners together for a decorative colorful wand.

Combine several pipe cleaners for giant super sized wands!

Human Bubbles by Onecharmingparty

This makes a great photo op!!

Materials Needed

Bubble Solution

Hula Hoop

Child size pool

Fill pool with bubble solution. We recommend using bouncing bubbles. have child stand in the center of the pool.

Dip the Hula Hoop into the bubble solution.

It is easier if two people lift the Hula Hoop together, one person on each side of the pool.


Click on the photo on the left for more pictures and step by step instructions.

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