Education & Creativity

More and more companies are looking for that extra oomph in their new hires. They are valuing creativity above most else. So why are subjects such as art & music not taken seriously in mainstream colleges?

According to an article published by the Guardian, written by John Newbigin, "Here’s another thing. In the course of an exhaustive analysis of some hundreds of entrepreneurial digital businesses in and around Brighton last year by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, it was discovered that the companies where there was a real balance between employees with an arts background and employees with a technology background, the businesses were growing at three times the rate of companies that failed to achieve a similar balance. What a surprise."

Based on this article and on information from other studies and interviews, the emerging picture of art requirements versus the art education programs being offered in colleges is troubling.

The government of China is realizing how the world is changing and they are working towards a shift from Made in China, to Designed in China.

It is up to us to demand our colleges put their focus on the arts and help foster and build creativity in future generations of young entrepreneurs.

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